UFO Sighting in Ouray, Utah on August 2nd 2014 – Early in the morning around August 2nd I observed a large black object above the ground in the sky, it was not moving.

I was at work about 30 miles southeast of Ouray , Utah, And I noticed in the sky just above the horizon to the northeast of me about a quarter mile away a large black object changing shape.
It was changing from a sphere to a birdlike object to a pole like object just to name a few of the shapes.
I grabbed my phone and took a couple pictures but it seems a little too far away to see good.
I continued watching it changing shapes and then the object went into hundreds of little spheres and just dissipated and scattered in all directions.
On august 16th in the same area as the sun was coming up I observed a black cigar shaped object traveling from the west to the east, It was much lower than the clouds and when the sun hit it , It was a very bright silvery object.
I work in the area every day and I’m sure if you were in the same area you could see some very strange things also.
Thank you,
Worker in northeast utah.

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