UFO Sighting in Cactus, Nevada on December 2nd 2013 – Smoke or cloud bout 200/300 feet long bout 150 feet in the air this thing had a cockpit with figures inside it the front part of this there was a spinning gyro green an reddish you I can also see thru the sky inside what look like a hole I seen a planet.

As I walked my nieghborhood with my baby girls on dec2nd 2013 I came upon a strange looking cloud or smoke over some houses just down street from me as I walked past looking up at it I notice a whistling sound I saw a cloud spinning so I began to walk fast because this thing looked spooky I hurried my babyz to house because this thing was really close to the ground once I got to my parking lot I turned back an notice that it was still there so I walked around the block again once I got to area I had my camera ready as I got closer I started snapping pix an my goodness this thing started moving an the figures in it started to move around I notice that they looked right at me take pix then began to take off my pix show exactly how this thing swiftly move away you can clearly see a skull shape ship the smoke/clouds left a trail after looking a lil closer at pix I discovered some vary interesting things like eyes from a cat/lion appearing out of smoke a profile face an symble ontop of some sort an planet inside the spinning smoke/cloud an angel the figures seem to be looking down one has something in its hands there is an eye on the bottom of this an it appears to have an exhaust system please take a look blow up magnify test pix please these are 1000% real my video shows some smoke/clouds disappearing an reappearing in same spot also the trail it left an some strange things happening to the sky I showed over 2000+people an each 1 that can make out things agree that I’ve cought something vary extradonry an vary rare I’ve had cops firemen army soilders an regular people all say they see what I see an show lets see if you guys see them an other stuff don’t cover up or mislead or just put this off all these other pix I’ve seen that are far away or distorted I’ve seen that don’t look nearly as clear or revealing as mine these pix will deffinently shed some light on some of your studies ive even been told that ive got a war between good an bad an that the gaurdians of heaven are in my pix you take a look for you self an see. Take good look at pix the 1 with arrows an the 1 without an magnify blow up you’ll be amazed. This happening took place to me for bout 45mins maybe an hr or longer I notice it then after I’m snapping pix they took off.

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