UFO Sighting in Charter Township of Clinton, Michigan on August 19th 2014 – Cigar shaped object following a storm /wall cloud.

I was taking pictures with my Nikon D3100 camera using a 18mm-55mm lens to capture lightning strikes from a storm that was heading over my residence. The storm came in from the west and was moving east/southeast and I had my camera on continuous shooting. A lightning bolt was discharged from the wall cloud. It is the only time a lightning bolt came from this cloud and within a few seconds after the bolt struct, I managed to capture 2 pictures of this object. After taking approximately 145 photos of this storm, I saw 2 pictures with a cigar shaped object following the south end of the wall cloud. I did not see this object at all while shooting them. It was only visible after I reviewed my photos on my computer.
The object was a dull gray/black, solid body, no lights or windows. There were NO wings, tail or protruding areas coming from this object. The ends are rounded and fits the cigar shape perfectly. It was approximately 30-50 ft in length (estimate) and about 700-900 ft high (again, estimate) and it followed in back of the main wall cloud that contained high winds and rain. It moved to the east, along with the storm. It had moved hundreds of feet in less than 4 seconds.
There were no airplanes or helicopters in this area mainly because of the storm that was approaching. The only noise that was heard was the storm itself. A few times my camera would NOT shoot to capture images. So gaps were as long as 5 seconds on some of the pictures. While most images of the storm and object were captured, fluently, I had to refocus a few times in order to get the camera to shoot some of the images (although no object was visible in those pictures).

I have included pictures of this object. Also sending the stretch between the first sighting of the object and a couple of in between pictures to show you a time sequence from the first picture of the craft to the last picture of it. Also included, are pictures of the readings on my camera at the time they were taken.

**** NOTE ****
On my camera report, it reads the time of these pictures were in the morning. It is suppose to read 6:25 PM…NOT AM. My camera time (AM/PM) is not correct. This storm and the object captured was in the evening, not in the morning.

Time Sequence: In between the pictures with the object clearly visible, there are 4 pictures without the object. Two pictures with the craft visible share the same time in seconds with two pictures that DO NOT have object visible (6:25:47 and 6:25:51). Example: Picture 0468 (object visible) and 0469 (object not visible) share the same time as 6:25:47. Also, picture 0472 (no object visible) and picture 0473 (visible object) have the same time 6:25:51. My camera DOES record 100th of a second time frames. Pictures 0468 and 0469 are 30/100ths of a second apart and pictures 0472 and 0473 are 60/100ths of a second apart.

I am sending in the enhanced (contrast/brightness/cropped) pictures ALONG with the original pictures. The enhanced easily make the object more visible.
Adding to this report is another picture from a previous rotating wall/funnel cloud and object I captured last year (June 17, 2013), incase you want to compare the objects from this storm and the recent storm in this report. It has an object similar to the object shaped in this recent report. It is enhance in a sepia color picture to make this previous object more visible. I will also send in the original photo of the 2013 object/storm.

I can’t send you all the pictures that I would like to on this report, but upon request, I will send you more time sequenced pictures or any others that I took during this event. Please let me know if you need more of them. Thank you.

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