UFO Sighting in Norman, Oklahoma on August 16th 2014 – I witnessed a glowing, white light in the south. It veered to the right, then returned to hover. Repeated a few times and did a hasty descent.

My friend and I were talking on my back patio at around 2200 Saturday the 16th of August. While talking, I noticed a glowing white light to the South of my location. It was hovering. Then it suddenly moved to the west, in a direct line. It then moved directly back to original location. I watched this three times before pointing the light out to my friend. While he was watching, we observed this 2 more times. Then all of the sudden it went on a direct descent below my sight line due to neighbors roof tops.

During this observation, we were seated and not moving. I’m a Military Officer and know that this was not the movement of a helicopter or plane. The movements were too fast and precise to be a known rotary wing aircraft.

At first glance I assumed it was an airplane. Then I noticed the unusual movements. There also was no red or green lights, no flashing light, only the white glowing object. It descended straight down like a spider dropping from a web.

My feelings were of shock or amazement. I saw something that I could not explain and my friend saw the same thing. We called our wives out and told them what we just saw. They probably wouldn’t have believed me, except that we both witnessed this.

We watched it descend until it dropped below the neighbors roof line. It could have been between 5 and 20 miles to the south. It was a clear night, no clouds. shortly after the object descended out of site, an airplane flew from east to west in a nearby location of where the object had been.

I’m hoping that there were other witnesses that might have seen more.

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