Alien Encounter in Oregon City, Oregon on May 20th 2014 – Child Like Figure walked through light in front yard went out to invistgate and figure poped its head out from behind a tree to look at me followed by UFO's

I was sleeping in my room when my dog started growling and barking! My window was open and I heard what sounded like a person outside my house walking in the gravel. I very quietly got out of bed and snuck into a area in my house to where I noticed something pass in front of a outside light casting a child size shadow. I then tried to sneak to the window and peer out and I couldn’t see anything! I then went into the garage open the garage door thinking that there was someone outside my house trying to steal or do something that they shouldn’t be doing around 330am. As I was standing in the door way after the garage door opened something peaked out from behind a tree looking at me. I was then frozen with absolute fear and panic! I am writing you to try to find out if I am having multiple encounters, because I always feel watched at night and am terrified to be at home after dark.I have vivid nightmares about abduction and often awaken from a dream because I feel I am falling I try not to sleep at night and only sleep during the day! I want answers because I am a 28yo male that is 6’5 and I am TERRIFIED of whatever I saw and is going on! I have only told 2 people about whats been going on with me and a total of 4 about what I saw that night. I don’t want to be labeled crazy and I really don’t want any kind of exposer, I just want help!

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