Sighting of Three UFOs Baffle Shropshire Resident

Sighting of UFOs Baffle Shropshire Resident 8-13-14

UFO mystery for aircraft enthusiast


It was banana shaped, with bright lights flashing around it – and it has become the latest UFO mystery to strike over the skies of Shropshire and Mid Wales.

      A model aircraft enthusiast says he has been left puzzled by three unidentified flying objects he spotted over the skies near his home. . . .

. . .Mr Davies says what he saw were not stars, but lights acting in a manner he had never seen before.

Mr Davies, of Llys Rhysnant, near Four Crosses, said he spotted the first object at about 9.45pm from his bedroom window and after it rose into space, two other bright lights emerged, which shot at great speed around the sky.

He said: “I know what aircraft can do because I do the model flying club and I go to all the air shows such as at Welshpool and Cosford and these were definitely not normal aircraft. . . .

. . . “I then got my binoculars and the object was like an arch shape and it got higher and higher until it must have reached space.

“The best way I can describe it was liked a banana shape, with both its points facing down, like in an arch.

“Its light was very bright and the shape was nothing like I had seen before, it was certainly not a helicopter or a plane. . . .

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