Some thing to discussing [Unknown Grid Lines]


I would like to introduce my self, my name is Ali Shahir, I am Surveying Technical engineer , I am working as a subcontractor with LUKOIL Russian Co. to Survey Oil field in South Iraq (West Qurna II).

In fact, I have never seen Alien or UfO’s before , But in last week I found some thing is not man-made ,makes me puzzle !

My story , In south Iraq in the marshes ,where Euphrates & Tigris rivers are meeting,
In the last years ago until today, a place has many fairy stories about strange ugly peoples were not Humans ?! that place was called ( HAFEEZ,) by local people.
By the chance, Last week, my surveying area was situate in that place without my Known and as usually, me and my team went to survey that area in the marshes where no phone network and many kind of birds , Pigs, fish, snakes ,etc…,. without any problems we completed the Survey, but when I return to the office and Starting Drawing, I surprise… I found our surveying coordinates have a precise level ! , not just that … I found unknown grid line ! Precise , accurate , perfect … ! what the hell that ? I am Surveying Engineer and I have ever, never seen some thing like this ! ??? what that grid lines doing here ?? It’s not agriculture area it’s Marsh no thing Just water,mud&Reeds , and I cannot find any logical explanation,
Here attached satellite image about those grid lines,

Please I need any opinion

Thank you and I appreciate your help in this matter

Eng. Ali Shair

Unkown Grid Lines.jpg

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