UFO Sighting in Belfast, on April 15th 1998 – Round white ball like object it you hold a basketball on an outstretched arm about a 1000 ft up

About 16 yrs ago me and my husband were out walking as we couldn’t sleep it was around 6-30am when we went out. so we went for a walk out the back roads of downpatrick co.down, n.ireland . We saw a white round shape in the sky about a 1000 ft up or so as we walked it seemed to follow us it was like holding a basketball or soccer ball on your outstretched hand. That May gave you a helping hand on working out the size of it. As we walked into the town it disappeared but when we got near the house it reappeared. It must have been a good hour that we seen it first then about five minutes when we got home as we went into the house and forgot about it as we knew no one would believe us if we hada told anyone at the time. I don’t drink nor drugs nor does my husband so it wasn’t though it. We still think about it and we decided to let you know when we seen a programme about UFOs on it and you where talking about them the programme is called hanger 1. We don’t know if anyone else seen it there was cars on the road at the time there won’t any planes or any other kind of aircraft about the moon was only a quarter moon and it was on the other side of where we were there was no stars out as it was a clear morning. The dat I gave is around that date we know it was in April and about 16 years ago.

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