UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on August 5th 2014 – A bright light for 0.5 seconds and nothing more, no plane, chopper, etc.

I went out to smoke a cigar, looking at Venus and a light 5 times brighter than Venus, 1 inch at arms length, shown. The light came on for 0.5 seconds and went out. I continued to watch for 15-20 minutes and nothing else observed. There was no aircraft or sound near the light. A very faint light existed at the site for about 5 seconds after the 0.5 light emission. It was not an aircraft because I live near KCI airport and the aircraft are very obvious. There was no way this light could have been an aircraft or sat. I was thinking at the exact time, ‘why don’t the ufos ever show themselves”. It was weird. I have lived near KCI for 30 years and have observed many aircraft. Aircraft blink about every 1-2 seconds and have running lights. It could have been a meteorite coming straight at my line of sight, however, that is statistically very unlikely and what would explain the stationary 5 second faint glow. It was quite weird.

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