UFO Sighting in Lehighton, Pennsylvania on August 9th 2014 – several orange/red glowing orbs…glow looked larger than airplane lights, organic like Lava.

Three of us witnessed several glowing red/orange orbs in a line over perhaps 5 miles. They took their own paths eventually and at times became completely stationary. They seemed to react to us. They then faded away completely. There was never any sound at all. The glow was like lava or fire but in a perfect circle. This area is at the foot of the Pocono mountains and the 476 mountain tunnel near the Mahoning Valley turnpike exit. There have been sightings here for years. Some have reported metal spheres seen in daylight breaking through cloud cover through to sunlight. Many have speculated that there is an underground base at the location of the tunnel as there was a excessive amount of material removed during construction of the tunnel that can still be seen today. There is also heat coming out of sinkholes on the mountain itself.

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