Best method for UFO observations? Your thoughts?

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Night vision technology has enabled us to consistently observe this UFO phenomenon in a very unorthodox manner. Night vision allows us to perceive the infrared spectrum, a frequency not visible to the human eye. The objects observed with these devices appear commonly as orbs or spheres of light (even though they aren’t emitting visible light). They have been observed moving extremely rapidly, hovering, moving erratically, shooting off instantaneously, making 90 degree turns in an instant, flying in formations, etc. Even though some objects can be explained, many of them have remained a true mystery. In my opinion, observing UFOs with night vision technology has been the most reliable way to consistently observe this phenomenon.

What are your thoughts? What is the best method for observing UFOs?

If ufology and UFO observations are important to you, I encourage your much needed support here to continue this type of observational research. Thank you sincerely! :thumbs: :happy117:

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