Black Triangle Sighting in Ellesmere Port, on August 15th 2009 – 3 ORANGE/RED ROUND BALLS SIZE OF A BEACH BALL BUT 1 MILE AWAY

I went out of my home for a cig and I light the cig and I was just looking around it was dark as my garden looks like wood lands as many trees around me

then I saw 3 red/orange balls of lights but nothing else around them to try to make the shape but nothing there but the 3 round balls

I was looking at them around 1 mail away they was over some homes across from the next street but was the size of 3 beach balls in my face in the shape I have put here using 0



so after around 10 minuets looking at them, I then went for my mobile that was right behind me in the patio window but as soon as I got my phone to take a photo they had all gone, I don’t know if it was 3 or all 3 red balls was together

my heart felt as if it had stopped for that 10 minutes & I froze & I didn’t think about taking a photo as I was just they with my eyes on them wounding what the hell was they but I have come on here as I have seen many others telling they have seen the same 3 red balls together

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