Photos of UFOs that I edited on my phone with Aviary


(Look at these from right to left…doing this from my phone and too much of a hassle to switch the order)

Ok, hope this works…first time here. And hopefully it came out in the right order. If not I’ll try to explain as best as possible. But I decided, out of boredom/curiosity, that I want to see what these images would look like if I messed around with them. Basically, I kept decreasing the contrast and brightness an bunch of times. Then I would sharpen 4-6 times and the use the portrait enhancement a few times, and repeat. All of this was done using Aviary on my iPhone.

And I’m new and unfamiliar with the UFO scene, and the image editing scene also. I never was really a believer, but not really a denier. I just didn’t care too much. But after messin around with these pics (and I have a bunch more), it definitely caught my eye.

So please, let me know what you guys think. If this kinda stuff is old news, then sorry. In one of the pics I circled what looks like an alien head. The other photo I edited looks like one of those “rod” figured shooting off some pod like things, and it looked like you can almost see something in one of those. If anyone wants to see more ill gladly post some. And if anyone has any pics they want me to try and mess around with feel free to post ’em.

Hope this works…

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