UFO Sighting in Colorado on August 21st 2014 – gold and red light flew alongside car above treetops, passed above and in front then shot off at high speed in opposite directions

10:15 pm I was driving northbound through the intersection of 92nd ave and wadsworth, behind evening traffic when I noticed what I first thought were lights from the top of a large crane to my left.(west) a gold and red light about 11′ apart the length of a helicopter. upon a second glance they were descending down towards tree level as they were accelerating past us in traffic. convinced I was seeing a low flying copter with unusual lights, I turned down my radio in car to hear it, through my open moonroof, only to find it was completely silent, despite being, no more than a hundred feet diagonally up to my left (west). both light accelerated slightly ahead of all traffic then banked diagonally up to the right another 100′ or so, never breaking the distance apart from each other, giving the impression it was the tips of a larger black craft. it seemed to hold position above the next oncoming intersection, light when I realized all traffic was slowing as a result of everyone trying to see what it was.( I was behind at least 5 other cars.) as I approached where it was seemingly either stationary or moving very slow directly above me, roughly 200′ I glanced up to view the red light through my cars moonroof which was open, I could see the red light was a independent red orb about the size of a basketball. I could not see the gold light as my field of vision was blocked by car roof, I rapidly slowed down to see them both through my windshield, as was the cars in front of me were, when both lights shot off seperately at a very high speed, the gold orb moving away in a North western direction towards the flatirons, and the red north. both went through regular flight paths, of the rocky mountain airport 3 miles north, 2 helicopters were seen, upon arriving to my home, off of 104rth and wadsworth leaving the rocky Mt airport and circling.

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