UFO Sighting in California on September 3rd 2012 – UFO observed in photo

My brother in 2012 was in San Diego with his girlfriend and they were taking some pictures. They were just recently looking back at the attached photos on a large screen TV and noticed a black dot in the photos. When they started to play around with the image we were all shocked by what we found. We also played around with the color, contrast, brightness of the pictures, I have attached those also. What we found was amazing. We would love to have them reviewed by professionals with professional software to see what turns up. In one of the photos that was adjusted there looks to be some disturbance of the air around the craft, it almost looks like a key hole in the sky. When compared to the rest of the sky you have to ask yourself what exactly is going on there.

The first three images are the originals. The one image named Crazy UFO has been adjusted for best viewing. If you zoom in to 800% you can observe the strange phenomenon happening in the sky.

My brother and I are both professionals and my background is bio/chem/physics so we are not crazy folks looking for attention. We would just like to know what exactly is in these images. Thank you for your time.

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