UFO Mystery at Peggy’s Cove Solved, says Military

UFO Mystery at Peggy's Cove Solved, says Military 8-21-14

By CTV Atlantic

     It seems that bright light in the sky over Peggy’s Cove Thursday night wasn’t a UFO after all.

A number of people contacted CTV Atlantic after spotting the light over the water.

The light was silent and seemed to hover in mid-air for several minutes.

Some experts say thought it might have been the tail end of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower.

“They had a peak about a week ago, but there are still a few fireballs going off around the country. There was one in Vancouver three days ago, one in Northern Ontario two days ago,” Saint Mary’s University Astronomer Rob Thackertold CTV News Friday afternoon.

“It grew immensely, rapidly, fast, to where there was a glow just like at a campfire over the water, and the high cumulous clouds were all flickering. It was eerie,” says Chris Ewing who saw the strange light.

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