UFO Sighting in Akron, Ohio on August 20th 2014 – Me and my girlfriend was standing outside I saw a bright unusual light I started recording on my phone it was low and moving toward our direction

While Me and my girlfriend were outside in the yard I saw a bright white light off in the distance, so I started recording on my phone. The object was coming in our direction, the lights from it were changing colors also it had flickering lights on the outside what suggest to me it’s an airplane but after zooming in on the smaller lights on the outside of it, the lights to me look similar to orbs. There is a small airport around here but this thing was real low and had no sound at all and what the lights were doing didn’t seem like it was a plane or helicopter. I thought I would send this video with a still shot I got off the video, how I got it was pressing pause and play while zoomed in. I don’t know if it is a shadow of an object underneath the bright light we couldn’t really identify a shape because it was dark and no moonlight was present. I don’t have a computer to really check it out, so take a look at the video and still shot and let me know what you think, thanks

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