UFO Sighting in Dana Point, California on August 23rd 2014 – I was in the Dana point harbor and my friend pointed out the moving orbs to me and my wife.

That night my friend and I were getting ready to go fishing when out of no where he pointed out a bunch of orbs in the sky.my wife and I both looked up and saw over 30 orbs of white lights heading from northwest to southwest,the lights where pulsating and moving around in no particular pattern or formation .The orbs moved south off the ocean about a half mile to a mile above the coast of Dana Point Harbor. After a few minutes of observing we all saw a orb Chang path and shoot out into space with a flash and then another one did the same,the orbs also moved what seemed to be through one another,as they began to leave our sight the orbs rose higher into different directions to resemble existing stars in the sky.we all where very exited and talked about it all night in amazement. We also talked to a Man passing by that saw the same thing and was also amazed as well.

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