UFO Sighting in Middleton, on August 24th 2014 – White pulsating light hovered over rear fence seen through bedroom window

Laying in bed noticed a light come from behind next door neighbors trees.
at first i thought it was a dandelion seed floating and catching light from nearby lampost. but it moved beyond the reach of the street light and continued to pulsate. it hovered from right hand side to left hand side. it dissapeard behind the tree/fence in my back garden, the tracked back to the right hand side stopping above my fence (2 meters high, probably 2-3 meters beyond the fence) as i got up and stared at the object it shot upwards very fast. this was the only direct movement made by the object. all over movements seemed to be hovering, slow and indirect. when the object moved upwards it moved arrow straight and very fast. i didn’t realise that the object was present for so long. initially i thought it was seconds but it was close to 10 minutes. i didn’t have any thoughts or feelings when noticing the object. felt “energised” and “Positive” afterwards. still a little unsure as to what i saw, but sure of a sensible reasoning. thanks

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