UFO Sighting in Denham Springs, Louisiana on August 24th 2014 – 3 slow-moving white orbs

(Just to note, this is my 3rd UFO sighting – all being slow-moving & orb-like. I was never alone when I had these sightings, & I’ve never reported them)

After watching a movie, I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I looked at the stars and noticed that one was flickering rather unusually. I kept my eye on it, and realized that it would slowly move in sporadic directions. I told my mom to come outside and look at it, mainly to see if she could notice it’s slight movement as well. She thought it was really odd, and went back inside after a few minutes. Me being fascinated with UFO’s, I decided I would sit outside for a little while. About 30 minutes later, I spotted another one further in the distance, and a few minutes later another one (they were most likely blocked off by the tree line, so I couldn’t see it before). I just sat outside in amazement, and didn’t really want to miss such a rare opportunity. After about an hour, I went inside. About every thirty minutes or so, I would come back outside to check on it. Sure enough, it was still there until the last time I checked – somewhere around 2 in the morning. By then, it was extremely cloudy. I could only make out a few stars. They were either gone, or just hidden by the massive amounts of clouds.

I’m 100% sure they weren’t stars, I could visually see them moving slightly. I noted their position relative to the stars, and the distance they moved in total didn’t match up to the stars, which had barely moved over a course of a few hours. Between the first and last sighting, I would have to say the main UFO moved about 45 degrees across the sky – this being a rough estimation. I wanted to take pictures of it on my iPhone, but it was pitch black and couldn’t be spotted through the camera lens.

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