UFO Sighting in Emporia, Kansas on July 15th 1996 – I saw a row of lights running From NW to SE. After a bit a row of lights 90 degrees to the first passed over my house.

I had gotten out of bed and gone out on a porch to relieve myself as I often did. I don’t remember the date but I’m sure in was 96 or 97.
I was facing south and movement in the sky caught my eye. It was clear that night. At first glance I thought it might be a flock of geese but immediately realized it was a row of equally spaced lights. Lights were a little larger but not much brighter than a star. I can’t remember how many Lights I saw at first but as I watched more appeared as the lights moved slowly SE. As I remember there were 7 or 8 in the line. I was dumbfounded by it’s size. It stretched for more than 1/2 of the western sky. Then as I stood there lights appeared from the porch roof overhead. These lights were 90 degrees to the original lights and again covered better than 50 percent of the sky. They moved slowly in sync with the original lights. I assumed they were all part of the same unit but I could see or hear nothing but the lights.
I watched for 20 minutes to half an hour as the lights moved slowly to the SE. They never flickered, changed direction or changed brightness or color nor did they change speed.
I don’t remember if I thought of taking photos or not. I didn’t have a digital camera at the time and usually had slow slide film in the camera.
I wanted to go in and call a fellow teacher (physics)but I was so fascinated I wanted to keep watching.
I watched as it eventually went out of sight to the south east of town
I did not go back to sleep that night.
I don’t remember if I could see stars inside the L shape or not but I couldn’t see any object. Just the lights.
‘ To clarify it was as if a massive carpenters square was moving to the south east with the open side leading. The point in the back.
I was very conscious of being awake and it not being a dream.
I went back into the house turned on my police scanner but heard no other report.
I could make a drawing of the lights.

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