UFO Sighting in Maryville, Illinois on August 29th 1969 – Disk 30' length 15' high two section

Me and my neighbor was walking home from school and saw a disk with a top and bottem half it was about 3:00 pm and about 400 feet away and about 20 feet above the trees. Plan as day it was there. We both seen it for about 20 seconds.It happen in Maryville Illinois walking home from school just yards before my house. It was right there in plan sight easy to see.I knew it was a UFO and so did my neighbor friend also new what it was a UFO.It was a disk shape about 30 feet in lenth and about 15 feet in high and was shiny silver with two sections a botten and a top. The top half was smaller then the bottem.The top half started about 3/4 up from the bottem of the craft. We thought that it was cool that we saw a UFO.When I came home I did ask my Mom about it she said she saw it when she was looking out the window but was not sure what it was. Mom said she thought it might of been a UFO. Also one of the neighbors ask my mom about the next day. The UFO was setting stell and in a flash it left all you could tell is the direction it went.

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