UFO Sighting in Oelwein, Iowa on August 16th 2014 – Bright red light followed by another 20 seconds later. Light not visable when overhead but black disc was.

Was in Oelwein, Iowa to visit friends and family staying at Super 8 motel on 8-16-14. Went outside about 8:30 give or take a little to look at the lights on the radio station towers that we always liked to see as kids. It was not all the way dark but getting there and there were some clouds. Saw a bright red light the looked elongated vertically moving from south to north. When it got overhead the light was no longer visible but the object was below the clouds. It was a black disc moving about 40mph. When it was just getting out of sight another one exactly the same appeared right behind the first one and took the same path. I would guess the altitude to be about 2,000 feet for both. It was calm with no wind and not much light pollution in northeast Iowa. I am a pilot of 40 years and am used to seeing other aircraft in flight but I have never seen anything like this.

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