Black Triangle Sighting in Covington, Washington on September 6th 1995 – first saw a large flat object directly across from the deck. half was red the other blue with a string of intense white lights through the middle like a string of pearls.

My husband had gotten up for work. It was unusually clear outside so I decided to step out on the deck from our bedroom to observe the constellations. I saw the object when I got to the slider. The door and drapes were open about 4 inches. It was a very strange o ject. consistent with the proportion of a hockey puck in height and width 30 to 40 feet across. Exactly half glowed red like neon, the other half blue with a row of intensely bright white lights the entire width like a string of pearls. These lights operated independently from each other and appeared to be moving and focusing on different areas, one came to rest on me. So bright I had to close my eyes. As I was standing there watching it my husband came up behind me and asked what I was doing. In my head I’m jumping up and down in excitement yelling UFO UFO! but what came out of my mouth was “lights”. My jaw was stiff and I couldn’t open it. I couldn’t move. I had no control over voluntary movement. I could only stand there. My husband turned around and left the room. The object started moving very slowly then to the north west. It was moving slowly enough I could have kept up by running. When it crossed past our property into our neighbors it was obscured by their huge cherry tree. There was a huge flash of light and I could move again. I found I was standing at the railing of the deck but couldn’t remember walking there. When I realized I had control again I tore down the deck to the kithen and grabbed the camara. The object was at about 500 ft then. I took several pictures making sure I got the corner of the house in the shot for size comparison. From that altitude it became obvious it was delta shaped and the red/blue division was the apex of the triangle. As it was lazily moving forward it was also slowly turning in place. The third edge was completely dark. On its bottom there were large lights in each corner with 1 light between them on the edge and 1 light directly 8 in the middle. When I took the film in to get it developed I gave them special instructions to print all frames even if they came out dark. When I picked up the pictures the negatives had been cut into pieces WITH SEVERAL MISSING, and there were no printed pictures of
the UFO. Later that day I was talking to a friend on the phone about it and made the comment “well no black helicopter” and laughed. A week later I was mowing the back lawn and heard the womp, womp, womp of a helicopter. I turned around and hovering over our house was a black unmarked helicopter. No insignia what so ever. It was a Chinook type. No numbers, no letters side or bottom. It hovered there until it was quite sure I saw it then slowly backed up until it was out of sight. Our property was on a steep hill so i was looking up toward the house. This really shook me up. Even more than the UFO. We suddenly had trouble getting our mail after living there 10 years. Got calls from creditors wanting to know if we’d moved because our mail was returned. Received notices saying they had received notices from the post office saying there was a difficulty in delivering our mail. Problems with the phone. There was so much weirdness going on the stress was making me feel nuts.

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