Black Triangle Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on May 10th 2000 – Triangle shaped

At the time I was living in Tucson Arizona, in a large community called Rita Ranch. I had gone to bed around 10PM and just fell asleep immediately. However at 1 AM I just woke up with a start and could not fall asleep again. I got out of bed, got a soda from the fridge and walked out on to my patio. As I took a sip of the soda I looked up and it was a super clear night and the stars were shining brightly. However there was a huge area where the stars did not show, also there was a low humming sound and then I saw the lights of the craft. It was the shape of a triangle with large round white lights on each point of the triangle, then there was a very large round pulsing red light in the center. I observed in moving very, very slowly over my house and it moved out over the desert. Then it just accelerated and vanished. I was not able to go back to bed that night, I watched the TV, called the station to see if there was anything and there was no sighting. This was one of those things that later you wonder if you really saw it! But even now I can still relive the moment.

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