UFO Sighting in Southlake, Texas on August 25th 2014 – Red light in sky changing directions and altitudes

At 8:40pm I took our dogs out to our backyard; there were no clouds in the sky and it wasn’t completely dark outside yet. I was looking around while they finished their business and noticed due north, a bright red, very low object traveling slowly due east. It was quite low, which is why it caught my eye. We have a major airport about fifteen minutes away so we see a good number of planes on a regular basis. However, they are all quite high in the sky and they make a slight noise. I first thought perhaps this was an airplane in trouble but it wasn’t large enough and I couldn’t hear any noise. Also, the planes we see follow a north-south route, they don’t fly east to west.

I watched it travel east, then it abruptly reversed direction and headed west. At that point it rose higher into the sky, then changed direction again to travel east. I lost sight of it because of large trees in our yard. I had my mobil phone with me and set it on video in case it came back around. It did and I trained my camera on it as it made the same east to west, higher then lower, moves. I was ecstatic that I was filming it, then realized that I hadn’t pushed the record button. I have never used the video feature before and didn’t know I had to do that. I was able to snap two pictures but you can barely see it and it looks white, not red in the photos.

The entire viewing was about 3-4 minutes and after it turned west again for the last time, it simply disappeared. It looked like its lights just went out. I don’t know but I am estimating that it was perhaps a mile or so from our house. The dogs didn’t react as it wasn’t visible if you weren’t standing up looking past our fence and trees.

It was quite unnerving and a bit exciting but I truly did not want it to change directions and move towards our house. After it disappeared I waited about five minutes to see if it returned but it didn’t. I wondered if it could’ve been some sort of drone but I know nothing about how they operate or if they have lights or are legal in neighborhoods, etc.

Over the years, I have seen a few unexplained things in the sky but never have I seen one move like this or stay visible for what felt like a long time. I’m curious if anyone else in Southlake or nearby areas saw this object too. (I don’t have a 2nd email address so I wrote none.)

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