UFO Sighting in Texas on June 20th 2014 – massive disk like object that has a distink metallic glow. must be 300 ft across? maybe more. could in no way be conventional to our capabilities

I was driving east on I-30 in west Fort Worth. As im driving along, I
see something that really catches my eye and sends chills up my spine. I look up and I see a
massive, metallic disk-like shape way up in the sky.
I could tell just by looking that the object had to
have been hovering at a mad velocity. It was just sitting there. By this time my palms are starting to sweat and it looks like its fading out. Fading out like a tv channel with a bad connection. Ive simply never seen something like it before. All I have been searching for are answers to what was seen. Because if that damn thing was a UFO then aliens are a reality. But what would these…”things” want from us. When I had my quick 6-10 second experience I had the eerie feeling that they were studying us. Seeing the ends and outs of humanity. Anyways I hope my testament goes towards something. Maybe someone else has seen something similar to the things that I have seen.

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