UFO Sighting in Boulder City, Nevada on April 4th 1980 – 2 spheres above building, 20' from me. slowly moved up together then took off super fast

I had been up with my baby daughter who had been very ill for many weeks and doctors couldn’t find the cause or a cure. When she dozed off for a short time I stepped outside to have a cigarette and looked up at the sky praying for her to get well. I saw the two spheres approx. 3′ above the laundry room bldg. They were small; I thought they were about 18″ to 24″ in diameter. The laundry room was about 20 feet from my back porch and I stepped out into the yard so I was probably only 15′ from the laundry room. I wasn’t afraid at all and I watched but didn’t want to move because I didn’t want to frighten them away. They didn’t have lights but were lighter than the sky behind them. The closest thing I can describe them as is that they looked like fish eggs with light coming from behind them. The edges were darker than the centers. One was slightly above and in front of the other. This one began to slowly move upward and the second one followed also very slowly. Then they just zipped away toward the east and disappeared behind some trees. There was no sound, no actual lights, no disturbance at all. I almost felt like they weren’t craft but living things. I have told people over the years but they think I must have been seeing things or that I’m crazy. I have never seen any other reports of objects like the ones I saw. This is why I finally decided to ask if you have ever had any similar reports especially around the same time that I saw the two objects. I’d like to know if anyone else has seen something similar and know what I saw before I die.

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