UFO Sighting in Central Islip, New York on August 25th 2014 – Neighbor and I witnessed orb like star objects then a bright white flash and ray of light followed.

Standing in my yard talking to my neighbor, we tend to look up. We saw a lit up craft traveling northeast at a fast velocity. Then by my fence facing south above a large tree on the corner of my eye as my neighbor is looking south east, a huge bright white/blueish flash went off above the tree and a ray of light, same color as described, pretty wide ray of light traveled south right after the flash, my neighbor looks south west and sees a craft darting off west. It shook me to the core, it was low, bright flash that lit up the sky, like a flash from a camera. I had goose bumps and got a little scared, it was intense.

The starlike orb that traveled northeast was in straight line path, no sharp or sudden turns, the flash and ray of light to the south was instantaneous, happened so fast but startling as well.

The flash of light to the south, I lost sight of it due to the tree, the orb traveling northeast was lost due to distance.

I’ve seen plenty of UFO’s this past year with my neighbor as a witness, back in February or so we saw 2 cloaked UFO’s with one being curved to a point from its side with a red light underneath facing west and one above us clearly looks like something distorted the sky, like if it was using mirrors to reflect the light, that was a little nerve wrecking but on the 25th of August, that gave me the chills and goose bumps all over, I was scared, very startled, I can’t explain what it was. It was amazing and frighting at the same time.

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