UFO Sighting in Lake View, New York on May 31st 1980 – Intense diamond/circle radiant white light emanating from hovering object about maybe 15' wide above vehicle

In June 1980, my parents were driving me to a community theater rehearsal at the former Nike base on Lakeview Road in Hamburg, NY. I was only 17 when I witnessed this event from the back seat of my parents’ car. We were near the intersection of Lakeview Road and Route 20. We should have been facing west, but in my recollection of the event our vehicle was pointing east. I can not piece together why our car was oriented in the wrong direction to the rehearsal site.
An intense bright light in the approximate shape of a diamond to circle appeared right in front of our car, hovering just above the power lines. The lights were radiant, and the source of the light was totally silent. I was very frightened. I don’t believe that what we were seeing was a helicopter because of the silence. I begged my father to drive away from the light source. The next thing I recall was seeing the object moving rapidly in a bizarre pattern which appeared to be miles away from us.
My parents could not recall the event. My father laughed and dismissed my concerns.
When I arrived to rehearsal building, I quickly ran to the window facing East, Southeast and saw three bright lights at a distance moving in odd, irregular patterns. Another person entered the rehearsal hall and told the cast he had just seen UFOs. The cast thought we were pranking them. The other witness and I watched the lights from the window for maybe less than five minutes and then the lights abruptly vanished.

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