Edited a Photo Of UFO in China…looks like an Alien in there.

I made a thread about a week ago showing some photos of UFOs that I edited using an app called Aviary (w/ my iPhone). Nothing too crazy from those photos, one looks like there’s an alien in there…but not too clear. Those edited photos, however, did prove that they are actual physical objects in motion and not just screw ups/fakes. Anyways, I played around with more photos and found a pretty clear shot at what looks like an alien. By the way, if anyone wants to try it themselves or play around with other pictures, I’ll let you know my technique – decrease the contrast and brightness and increase warmth until you get to the point where you’re about to lose details due to the darkness. Then I sharpen about 5 times, and finish off with the “portrait” effect. I do the portrait 4 or 5 times, or until I’m about to lose detail. The portrait brightens the photo and kind of restores it back to normal. I’m no expert, so I don’t know anything technical about it. Anyways after that, I just repeat the process until I feel like I’m done. So please try it out and see if you get any cool results. Enough with the blabber though…check these pics out.

PS – A couple are out of order. I’m doing this on my phone, and it’s a huge pain to fix – so I’ll just label them.

10. image.jpg 2. image.jpg 3. image.jpg 4. image.jpg 5. image.jpg 6. image.jpg 7. image.jpg 8. image.jpg 9. image.jpg 1. image.jpg

1. (The last pic) So this was a UFO in China from a few years back. I’ve seen a bunch of vids of it, its a pretty common one.

2. Zoomed in, started messing around.

3. Sharpened a lot, starting to see details.

4. Zoomed in more. I noticed something going on in that main circle.

5. Zoomed even closer. On the right side of the object I noticed what looks like an alien head.

6-9. Zoomed and sharpened. The head and eyes become more and more clear. Also you can start to see it’s neck, and right below that some sort of organ. It actually looks like there’s a bunch of stuff, but I’m also no expert on alien insides.

10. (The first pic) Looks like a smaller alien figure.

Please leave me some feedback. I’m brand new to the whole UFO/alien thing. I started doing this last week out of random curiosity. I never really was big into this stuff either, never knew what to believe – but that definitely changed for me. I’m a “see it to believe it” person, and I just saw it. But to those who know a lot about this stuff – is this anything significant? Has anyone else tried just a simple image editor and got results like this? I’m really curious, I’d love to know.


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