UFO Sighting in Fredericksburg, Virginia on July 14th 2014 – Came to my shed flashed two lights and took off

I was out side smoking and talking to my son.
I saw in the corner of my eye a flash of red and looked up and it came from one point of the sky.
No lie my first thought was ufo, this is not my first time seeing one.
It was red circle it come from out of no where in front of my house moved down from lower to the top of my shed on my hill, one flash of light then 1 second another flash came and then it took off and headed back up in the sky and no more anything.
I couldn’t believe that I saw another one.
I just sat there and watched it move from basically point A to point B.
After it was gone I realized that my son had seen the whole thing and I asked if he saw that and he said yes mom. The aliens took pictures of us and the woods, that was my sons response to me. I got up after that and walked on my path in the front of my house and was trying to see if there was anything by my shed and I looked over across the yard and there was 3 animals stopped still in their paths. I could tell because their eyes were shinning from the moon light. I told my son to look at the animals and he was starting to get scared so we went inside and I texted my mom and told her what we had seen.
After the second flash it just took off and the red light was gone.

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