UFO Sighting in Niles, Michigan on July 31st 2002 – driving down Rd, see ufo floating above bus garage, moved as we got closer, then literally less than 1 sec, boom, it's a mile+ away

Ok, so, this was roughly about 12 years ago, I really don’t remember the exact date though. My friend and I were driving West down the road, and he’s driving I’m sitting passenger in his truck (2 door). Country like area coming into the city limits, corn fields, small local airport on the left, like small enough for just crop dusters and personal aircraft. Well we’re driving up on the airport breaking the tree line and the airport is on the left and as you start to pass right in front of the airport you can start to see the local school bus garage also on the left, houses on the right. So this is when the next 2 minutes seems like a very long time. The bus garage has telephone poles that have lights on them shining down like street lights, parking lot lights, well we just start to see the bus garage and almost at the same exact time we both said to each other “you see that?”, i said “yes, dude what is that light?”. The light was like a blue white or white white and it was like an orb/sphere like the light was the craft itself or it was on the front or bottom of the craft and the craft was basically stealth. I personally think the light was the craft itself due to the size which we about the size of a regular size car or maybe one of those giant balls that people get inside of an roll down big hills in and it was just illuminating light on the entirety of its surface (giant glowing orb). It was just hovering almost directly over the bus garage office and I noticed it because it was sitting just about 5-10 feet above the parking lot lights and it was off in color to them as well, the parking lot lights are the yellow/orange/amber color so it immediately stood out, I do not know what made my friend notice it and I don’t know if he seen it the entire time as I did because he was driving and had to keep looking back on the road, I couldn’t take my eyes away. When I first noticed it I thought right away that it was odd, I felt anxious and started feeling an adrenaline rush just a little bit, I wasn’t panicking but the complete opposite, ive always been fascinated with the everything unknown, my friend seemed to be fine also. So as we approached down the road and just as we asked each other if we saw it, it started to slowly float away from over the office building and started moving SW direction towards the open field that sits in between the bus garage and the Middle School. It moved really slow too, and is almost like it knew we noticed it an started to move away. Just as we were getting the closest to it as we did it was probably about 300 feet away give or take, and we were coming up to a T-intersection in the road, left only, which was nice because it runs parallel to the field so as we seen it start to move I said “dude, turn left turn left turn left” and he did. Then as we’re making the 90�� left turn it starts going more South, then stops moving just for a split second, and as my friend was straightening out the wheel, in literally like half a seconds time, it had shot to a mile+ away straight South like it knew we were watching it or following it. But the coolest/weirdest thing about it moving the way it did was that it pretty much jumped, there was no travel path just points a and b and it was at point a, then it was at point b, it was like a magnetic gravity pull or like it opened up a tiny jump portal an just popped out a mile away, like the movie “Jumper”. I clearly remember the space the stars the lighting right in front of the light looking almost twisted/warped like it was altering time space as it was opening the jump hole. The only one thought that I had in my head besides wow and the jaw dropping expression I had stuck on my face was confusion, I was literally confused, that’s the only sense my brain could make of this event and also I had an instant headache like as if it actually hurt my brain trying to compute what it was that it just seen, thus the confused feeling. After that, we lost it, and we turned right and continued on our way talking about it. I said flat out that it was a genuine ufo sighting, he still to this day says that it was a Government aircraft they were testing due to the proximity of a well known hot spot AFB just in the next state over. Didn’t have any camera or anything like that, I really wish I did though. I have never seen anything like it before or since that moment and it just couldn’t be anything natural or man made in my opinion.

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