UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on August 27th 2014 – A UFO looked like it came through a portal and entered another one

This is the third time I have heard of this kind of phenomenon and second time I have witnessed it. I was parked in my car with my girlfriend and I was in the drivers seat laid back in the chair observing the sky as she talked and suddenly I saw a flash a light that looking like a bright white glowing aura that came out of nowhere and moved horizontally and then disappeared. the light was bright enough that if you were looking in the general area you would have seen it. the best way i can describe the UFO appearing and disappearing is comparing it to the game Portal, but it looked like the object had exited a portal and then quickly went through another one. the object moved very quickly and went in a straight line. This was the second time i saw the object in three days, and at first it had looked like a shooting star, but it was too bright and shooting stars do not disappear like that. I immediately called my friend to tell him that I had saw the object again because he had seen it first, and then I saw it twice all within a week. It seems that these objects are becoming more prevalent so I will be out at night more frequently trying to find these objects and capture them in motion.

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