Black Triangle Sighting in Walla Walla, Washington on August 27th 2014 – Smoking a cigarette outside with three others three similar lights in some kind of formation.

Over at a friends house who lives on the next block over from my house. My brother and another friend that was with us and the person who lived there was also outside with us while we were smoking. there is a horse pasture right by where we were smoking so there was no trees or obstructions that could make it seem odd. So we were just out there smoking and i noticed two oddly colored lights single orange red colored balls or what they seemed to be from a distance. the two objects flew in a formation from the southwest but not how you would see two planes flying one was higher in the sky and the other was lower and seemed to be leading the higher object. they both stopped and seemed to hover still in the odd formation about a minute passed and we were trying to make sense of it when the higher object started moving west while the other was still hovering. the object flying west suddenly made a what i would say and impossible turn and was heading directly to the east and seemed to be coming right for us. all four of us were pointing and being loud at this point and it just came faster and faster. then it no longer had an orange reddish light it had two white lights underneath it the closer it came the bigger it got about a minute or so it was moving in the same direction and went right above us all where we all saw three white lights two in the back and one in the front there was no clear outline of the shape but the lights underneath gives me the idea it was triangular. when it was above us it seemed to be moving slower then before and shortly after it passed over us the two rear lights got bright and shot off east to the blue mountains. the lights were gone within a couple blinks of an eye after the lights got brighter. we all were in aw when we looked back to where the other object had seemed to be hovering and we saw the orange ish light and it just faded and was gone heading west or so i believe. Strangest of all the objects had no sound and no flashing lights that most normal planes or helicopters do.

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