UFO Sighting in Marietta, South Carolina on August 28th 2014 – I observed a flashing object hovering and darting about the sky for over a half hour.

I was watcing TV in the dark at around 1:15 am on August 28 when I saw a pair of lights through the window. They were moving east at a high rate of speed. It caught my attention because with the TV on stars and planes aren’t usually visible. The first object had an unusually bright white light shining that i assumed to be either landing lights of a plane or perhaps a searchlight from a helicopter. I thought that was confirmed when the secnd object stopped and appeared to hover while the fist oject continued off to the east until it disappeared from view.

As I watched the second objct hover it started flashing from a brilliant white to red to blue. At this point I’m thinking it is a police helicopter or something. Just as I was about to lose interest, it zig zagged downward. Watching a little more, it slowly rose in the air then zig zagged downward the opposite direction. It then rose again and appeared to make a circle in the sky. At this point I began to wonder if my eyes were just playing tricks on me. I woke my mother and she observed the same behaviour. The object spent probably 20 minutes slowly rising or lowering only to zip around back to where it started.

Approimatey 10 or 15 minutes into both of us watching this thing, we became aware of what looked like extremely frequent flashes of lightening to the northwest. I don’t know if it is in any way related, but ther was no thunder or sound at all associated with either the object or lightening.

About 30 minutes into the sighting, we both observed that the object appeared to heading north at about a 10 to 20 degree incline. It took a good 15 minutes to disappear from view and then the lightening stopped. For the duration of the sighting both I and my mother had a “creepy” feeling.

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