UFO Sighting in Wharton / address is Aust, Pennsylvania on August 16th 2014 – Fireball UFO

Was traveling to my camp. Drove thru town of Wharton, pa and saw this object above tree lines. AT first since trees were there I thought someone must have mounted a light to warn airplanes from a tower. Then it looked like a balloon that was traveling at night.

I drove north west 2.5 miles to my camp. Was unpacking vehicle and when I walked outside the object was there hovering over the country lane. No trees just object. I ran in and got my cell phone. Shot two photos. Was just staring at it. We have no cell coverage up there. Went into camp to get binoculars and ran out and it was gone. I ran down lane and no signs of it.

I had the photos looked at by several people who do Chinese lanterns and they say that this is not a lantern.

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