Alien Encounter in Port Huron, Michigan on June 30th 1969 – followed for 2 blocks,then lost 4 hours of time

seen ufo driving home,followed it for 2 blocks,hit a dead end road,then drove home,left at 8 pm for a 10 minute drive home,got home at 12 15 am,lost 4 hours some how,the ufo was cigar shaped,one light on both ends and one on top,
another encounter i had,i was in bed sleeping a ufo was hovering out side of my house an 2 greys came and got me,they showed me a crystal helmet,with a blue button on the side of it,they put it on my head and your thoughts
would control your levitation,fast slow or what ever,when they left i took the helmet and put it beside my bed,first thing in the morning i looked beside my bed and the helmet was gone,i thought it was just a dream,but acording to the newspaper that day a ufo was reported by several people that
night.this was in 1984 i think.the aliens were friendly,the ufo was disk

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