Jupiter…is alive! Check this out, and help me out also!

Long story short for those who haven’t read any of my previous posts: Ive been editing images of ufos and anything else strange on my phone using an app called Aivary. Ive detailed my technique in previous posts for those who are interested. Anyways, I’ve decided to check out a picture of Jupiter, and see how far I could get with it. I was not expecting even close to what I got.

Good ol’ Jupiter:

I have to skip a bunch of steps, due to the amount of times I zoomed. But anyways, I decided to take on Jupiter’s Money Shot:

Still goin…

That’s all the boring stuff in between, just kept zooming farther and farther. I did it just by zooming in as far as possible, mess around with the contrast, sharpness, and whatnot, then screencap. Then I load up the screencap and repeat…until I was sharpening the image and details began showing.

And this is where I decided to stop and begin to observe. These two pics are identical. I circled a bunch of things that really pop out at me (I mean everything in that pic does…but these are my biggest WTFs). I included the original so you guys can check it out yourselves without my circles screwin it up. I tried using the same color for common things.


– Inside the magenta circles looks like insects.

– I numbered 3 blue circles. They all looked like the same type of guy to me at first glance. Now that I looked at it again, I realize their heads are different.

– The blue circle labeled “2” has two things to it. First is the Humpty Dumpty sitting down. Zoom in, you can see his sad looking facial features. The rest of the “creatures” in there looked like fish to me at first. So does Humpty Dumpty in a way, but it looks like he also has legs. But the weirdest part is the last thing all the way to the right of that blue circle. That looks identical to a chicken! Wtf is a chicken doing on Jupiter?!? Are these the guys that are raiding farms here on earth lol? Who knows…

– the top right looks like a cross between a unicorn and robot chicken.

– ok the more I look over the picture as I’m writing this, the more I freak out. The pink circles towards the top left are two things that look alike. If u look closely to the one on the right, it had a bird like body. It just hit me, these are…chicken people?!? I know I sound crazy, but if you keep scrolling around there’s a lot of things that look like chickens. And those blue circles that I numbered now seem to be like humanoid chicken. Seems like poultry won the survival of the fittest contest on Jupiter.

– the very bottom looks like a cavern. I can’t tell if that’s a bunch of dead things in that area or if they’re alive. The grey circle shows what looks to me like a ladder. Its kind of hard to see, since only a small part is showing. But right at the top of the circle u can see a chicken climbing it. These chicken-people know how to build things now.

-the rest of the circles are just a bunch of WTFs.

Anyways, this is mind blowing to me. It’s 100% legit, I wouldn’t even know how to fake anything even close to that. So if you guys want to help find some more observations then go right ahead. I have to get some sleep, but I’m definitely gonna try out some more Jupiter pics tomorrow to see what can be dug up.

Thanks for checkin this out everyone, and let me know your thoughts.

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