UFO Sighting in Kimbolton, Ohio on August 30th 2014 – Fishermen Sighting and Missing Time

This report is being filed by Craig Lang, of the MUFON Abduction Research Team and Minnesota state director.

I was contacted at 3:13 PM CDT by the primary witness, who reported a UFO abduction event. He did not want his name used in the report, so I am filing it with the witness name withheld. I have added my own phone number and e-mail in the original report.

This report is being filed as a place-holder for the CMS case.

The primary witness gave me his contact information, which I passed on to Fletcher Gray (STAR team lead), Cathy Richards (OH SD) and Tom Wertman (OH CI).

Witness and his daughter’s boyfriend were fishing (location given to Fletcher and Tom), and observed a light at about 1AM. They watched it, and then realized that it was first light.

The primary witness described the beginning and end of the missing time to be 1:37AM and 5:19AM respectively.

The two men returned to the witness’ pickup truck and changed clothes out of their fishing clothing into everyday clothes. At that time they noticed markings on their bodies.

Witness later found that he had marks over an estimated 40% of his body.

I asked the witness to save the clothes, to both photograph and sketch the marks on his body, and to write down everything he could remember.
Also to have the other witness do the same.

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