UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 28th 2014 – blue light/orb then bigger object appears

I was outside letting my dogs out in our backyard when I noticed a weird glowing light hovering so I decided to get my cell phone and film. Then a bigger object appeard out of no where and seemed to get closer. The larger object looked as if it was spinning in circles. I zoomed in with my binoclulars and it had a weird disc shape with 3 round lights in the middle. The smaller object looked like a light blue orb wich was just hovering for a while and then dissapeared after the large object has.
Afterwards a , what seems to be, dark helicopter rushed overhead going towards the direction the bigger object had went.

to mufon: ((cant attach video, I need to send it by link, please get back to me asap ))

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