UFO Sighting in Syracuse, New York on August 29th 2014 – Slow moving object changes direction and hovers in Syracuse sky 8/29/14

While outside waiting to go to work i looked up and spotted a star like object moving slowly to the north east. I alerted a friend who was standing with me and he spotted it also. The object traveled north east for about 2 miles and then turned and started moving south west.

After it traveled about 3 to 4 miles it stopped and hovered . It then moved slightly to the right and back to the left. A small patch of clouds pasted over it and when the clouds moved on the object was no longed there.

I also have to report seeing a object in the same spot about 2 months ago. This object seems to light up out of nowhere a very bright light, then the light would fade out and the object would also fade out. I found this event a little strange because it happened the same way in the same spot for about 3 months. I have mot seen it again for about 2 months now.

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