UFO Sighting in Lebanon, Pennsylvania on August 28th 2014 – Observed rogue cloud on clear night with light behind. Light began to fade. Sudden bright flash of light, no sound,. Object shot warp speed toward horizon/ east

Experienced an unusual event approximately 5:00a.m. August 28th. My cat wanted to go outside on back deck. While checking on her I observed a crystal clear starry night sky. While looking at Orion’s Belt and Andromeda I noticed to the right of Andromeda what I initially thought was the moon obscured by a small cloud. The color was odd with blue and light orange tinge. Then I remembered that the New Moon phase began 2-3 days before so it was not the moon.I ran inside for binoculars and upon returning noticed the light behind the cloud was dimming. This lasted about two minutes. Suddenly there was this bright flash of light from the cloud and no sound and what looked like a meteor that moved at warp speed toward the horizon or east of my location. At that point I felt like ‘This is bizarre,’ I waited to post because I wanted to see if others would have witnessed this event also. So far I have seen postings from the same date and time and very similar experiences from other areas in my state and ones bordering my state.

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