UFO Sighting in Syracuse, New York on August 29th 2014 – My neighbor and I were waiting outside and in the eastern, northeast in the northern celestial hemisphere we noticed a pulsating vertical cigar shaped object

My neighbor and I were outside hanging out, he was just passing time as he had to go to work in a couple of hours. During this time he looked to the east side of the sky in the northern celestial hemisphere and saw this cigar shaped object that appeared to be pulsating. The only way I can describe it is to say that it was hovering, at first, with the ends lit a grey color with the middle a black color, switching to the ends black and the middle a grey silver color… The color kept changing silver or grey on the ends black in the middle and the reverse of that. Or that it was pulsating. I can not explain it as I (we) have never seen anything like this at all. (My grandfather was a Major in the airforce, a fighter pilot and a cargo pilot for Sair aviation. I was an Infantry Marine, all my life I have lived within 5 miles of airports and flown in and been around airplanes and military.) I may have seen one thing like this on a video on you tube but have not been able to find it. I believe it was a video clip from monster quest or ancient aliens. I will continue to look for it and upload it if I do happen to find it… The “pulsating” object was approximately one to two miles away which made its size approximately 3 to 4 times the size of the fuselage of a 747 airliner. It moved from northeast, south to due east, then back over to north hovering a few spots in between. Its speed was between 250 and 500 mph, using the general speed of an airliner at the same height of about 15,000 to 20,000 feet. Finally in the north it was hidden by a cloud after about 15 minutes of maneuvering. I have a few other reports to make as well in the same manner. About 6 to 8 times over the last 3 months starting memorial day weekend we have been seeing this bright light in the sky just appear out of nowhere travel a little ways and then disappear or fade away. The first time a beam of light came out of it. at first I thought it was a satellite along with the space station as we saw it simultaneously with the space station, however the nasa satellite charts prove otherwise and the speed and times are too erratic… given the approximate distance of the satellites the object must be at least as high if not a little closer, but that makes the speed of the object to vary from 17,300 to 10,000 to 51,000 MPH…sometimes it moves in 90 degree angles sometimes it moves in sharp 180 degree turns… If one would spend a week observing the northern celestial hemisphere around cassiopeia toward the east, between the hours of 2145 and 0230 you can be sure to see it at some point at least around where we live in Syracuse. Thank you very much for your time…

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