The Fluke That Thwarted an Invasion

Microbes are the omnipresent yet frequently unacknowledged adversary on the battlefield. Though microscopic in size, their very macroscopic effects can decimate armies, foil the best planned war initiatives, and change the course of history. In one of the greatest military debacles in history, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 failed on account of body lice […]


A short-length video posted to YouTube explains the folly of ignoring inner-dimensional implications of ET contact in a cosmos that physicists from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory describe as “inherently unstable.” SecretMessageTV’s production of “UFO: Journey to Inner Space” posits “substantial evidence” for psychic contact between humans and ETs that anticipates physical events stating how […]

Daily UFO Headlines 9/29/14

Mystery balloon over Manhattan sparks UFO reports, NYPD investigation – Daily Mail Scarborough named UFO capital boosting ‘extraterrestrial tourism’ – Express Event gives UFOs some serious study – Rio Rancho Observer Triangle Shaped Low-Flying UFO Spotted Over Elkins, West Virginia – International Business Times AU Planets with Oddball Orbits Like Mercury Could Host Life – […]

Third Joplin, MO, case details UFO at near ground level

A new witness came forward today adding a third 2014 date to close encounters with a UFO near ground level in Joplin, MO, according to testimony in Case 60172 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness, who reported a “very large UFO with windows hovering close to trees,” asked to remain […]

UFOs caught on camera move into cloud cover

A Colorado witness at Idaho Springs reported watching three bright light UFOs that moved “straight up into the clouds” about 1:16 a.m. today, according to testimony in Case 60176 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was working the night shift at the twin tunnels when he stopped to take a […]

Could disappearing Arizona house have been a UFO?

Arizona witnesses at Sierra Vista recalled events from 2012 when a rectangular object sitting in what had been an empty field disappeared by morning, according to September 29, 2014, testimony in Case 60151 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The reporting witness and her husband had stepped outside about 9:45 p.m. on […]

New York family at campfire shocked when UFO appears nearby

New York family members at Williamson said they were “dumbfounded” when a bright light UFO appeared just 100 yards away in nearby trees, moved out into a clearing and then shot off into the night sky about 11:01 p.m. on September 27, 2014, according to testimony in Case 60183 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) […]

Norio Hayakawa – UFOs in New Mexico – September 29, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Norio has been investigating UFOs for decades. He specializes in his home state of New Mexico, especially regarding the alleged secret base in Dulce and cattle mutilations in that area. Norio has also spent a lot of time researching Area 51. In 1990, Norio created the Civilian Intelligence Network, which he […]

Daily UFO Headlines 9/30/14

UFO sightings increasing – Innisfail Province Is Maine a hotbed of UFO activity? – Working Waterfront Mystery hangar and UFOs in Moriarty point back to one thing: Google – KOB Professor Brian Cox wonders what aliens would think of us – WalesOnline How Viewing Earth as an Exoplanet Can Help Search for Alien Life – […]

UFO appears during TV coverage of Hong Kong protests

A man in South Lanarkshire’s civil parish of Blantyre in Scotland was watching BBC coverage of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong when he noticed something unusual in the sky. Vincent Smith was perplexed by what he saw on the TV—a bright object slowly moving through the sky over Hong Kong. He apparently recorded the […]


Contributing editor Ana Luisa Cid sends us a video taken over Cocoyoc, Mexico by Hector Ramírez Villanueva, a long-time videographer of the unexplained. Prof. Cid writes: “The witness described feeling a strange sensation prior to the sighting, as if something “informed” him where he should be looking to. Click here to enlarge top photo. Cocoyoc […]


by Jane Meredith In the stories of ancient Goddesses you will hear your own soul, calling out to you. Click here to enlarge top photo. The Dark Goddess is the creatrix of healing, change and renewal. She offers connection with the core of yourself. If you have been unable to shake off depression, or fear […]