UFO Sighting in Hinckley, Minnesota on September 7th 2011 – Fifth Degree Close Encounter, Picture and Sound

9/7/11 approx. 22:30 hrs

Subject was standing by woodbroiler facing east at 20890 Friesland Rd.

Subject claims objects “tugged” him into position, at which point two orbs of white light, beachball in size, passed overhead from the West at a height of apporx. 50 feet.

As orbs passed over, subject claims that they transmitted blueprints for engine-like device. He also claims that the transmission was so intense it brought him to his knees.

As orbs changed direction to South, he noticed seven green flares being ejected from port side of both craft during transmission.

At south treeline of 20890 Friesland Rd, the craft stopped momentarily. Subject claims that the name “Prometheus” was shouted “in a thousand voices”, at which point, the craft vanished vertically upward.

Initial reactions of subject were to record the blueprint. Subject retreated to personal quarters, and began drawing blueprint and making improvements. Subject has no memory of doing so until after the fact. Subject believes this was preprogrammed behavior caused by transmission.

Total duration of encounter: Approx. 10 seconds.

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