UFO Sighting in St.LouisPark,ufo was in w, Minnesota on August 31st 2014 – dark black/blue oval like entity flew at 2-3 thousand ft,tilting,wableing,fuzzy,hovered,disappeared into strange cloud

I WAS WATCHING THE WEATHER AND A UNUSUAL CLOUD THAT WAS ABOVE DOWNTOWN MPLS AREA AND PLANNED ON TAKING A FEW PICTURES OF CLOUD.I had not retrieve d my android phone yet when a oval black/blue object from the north(north mpls)appeared and was traveling south.It was moving oddly,swaying,wableing,tilting,at times and moving fast and slow.The object i thought was a helicopter became clear it was not.It moved to fast and oddly to be a plane or helicopter.When it got closer i could tell it was oval shaped jet black/with blue outer ring.Though the blue ring was not always visible.It was about 2 miles at closes point to me.I ran quickly,excitedly to get my phone/camera.This took about 30 seconds.When i returned it was hovering at about 2-3 thousand ft.I took a picture from my apt window(3rd floor)while it was relatively still.I should have taken a bunch of pics at once but i didnt think it would take off so quickly.After taking pic as though it knew i took its picture,it changed direction and headed east directly into unusual cloud,gaining altitude,tilting at incredible speed.Covering 4 miles to cloud to the east in approximately 5 seconds.The craft itself seemed alive/intelligent but it could be my imagination.The object was larger or as large as commercial airliner 747 and made no noise.After blowing up my picture later i could see vaguely that it had what appeared like a antenna or 2 rods on top.It had a definite aura or lightness/darkness around the object.I am x-military and no that this was no plane,helicopter,drone or like.It was also not traveling in a plane route,and moved very strangely.I would guess its size of 400 ft round,but not perfectly round.It also reminded me of a moving hole in the atmosphere being jet black/dark blue against the light blue/white clouds.When it hovered i approximate it was near,above lake Harriet.Before it flew into large unusual cloud over downtown mpls.It never reappeared.There here.

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