Saucer-Shaped UFO Photographed at Wooloowin is Part of Spike in Sightings across Queensland | VIDEO

Saucer-Shaped UFO Photographed at Wooloowin 5-23-14

UFO NEWS: Spike in UFO sightings across Queensland

By Anne-Louise Brown

“One photograph reportedly taken over Wooloowin on May 23 shows a silver disc hovering in the sky.”

     The truth is out there – and maybe it is hovering over Queensland.

There has been a spike in the number of reported UFO sightings across the state over recent months, according to president of UFO Research Queensland Sheryl Gottschall, with the Gold Coast being a real “hot spot”.

“We’ve had people calling from all over Queensland,” Ms Gottschall said.

“There was a sighting on the Gold Coast on Friday night, Cairns last week and there was another sighting in Childers.

“We get about 100 calls a year and across Australia all up the UFO research groups get up to 800. That’s just the reported sightings – a lot go unreported.” . . .

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