UFO Sighting in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania on September 1st 2014 – orange craft with rib like structure coming out of the back of it then slow goes away in to one solid form. Bigger than a NFL football structure.

I was going out to get my phone charger. Saw this huge orange craft hovering with objects hovering beside it like it was going into it . What I thought when I first noticed it was is that the moon then I looked quickly for the moon but their was no moon out. It was in a stationary position with a orange glow an a ribs coming off the back of it. Then the ribs slowly went away an formed into one solid form lost sight of it when I went to grab my changer real fast with in a few seconds It was gone the whole time their was a airplane that flew over after an during the sighting. this object was so bright you could even see the other plane around until it was over in five mins.

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