UFO Sighting in Joplin, Missouri on August 16th 2014 – Huge UFO hovering very close to highway then took off very quickly

As reported to ASD by phone – witness wishes to remain anonymous.

I was driving north on Range Line Road (49 hwy) in Joplin on my way home from work at 10:15 PM when I noticed some lights hovering over the trees to my right as I approached Redding Road. As I got closer I could see the dark outline of a craft that looked oval in shape from the bottom. It had lights all over the bottom which were large orange lights and small blue lights which pulsated, getting brighter and dimmer. There was no sound. As I approached, the radio speakers made a strange static noise even though my radio was not on. My headlights went off and on again. I pulled to the side of the highway because I was afraid my engine would fail and also to get a better look at the object and take a picture, but I could not get my cell phone to come on. I probably watched it for 10 minutes total time. The object was hovering just over the trees probably 100′ from the ground and 100′ or less from me. The object then moved slightly and then took off very fast directly east from where it was hovering. I know it was not a plane or helicopter because there were no navigation lights and no sound. It was close enough to be heard. This has me very concerned and I’d like to know what it was – military or otherwise.

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